ESD requires approximately R258 185.00 (AUD $26 869.31, USD $21 718.52) to fully equip and train the current and future APU operators as shown in the table below. Under the current financial conditions, ESD would take several years to acquire all of the required equipment to ensure that its employees are adequately trained to enable them to protect themselves, their team mates and the rhinos.

Therefore, we have taken the decision to attempt to raise some money to speed up the training process to ensure that our APUs and rhinos remain safe.

We are also extending protection services to the rural community of South Africa – this tactical decision is an extension of the APU training program.

Some Costs Covered in the table below;

SPA PR900 air rifle 4.5 mm x 4: R 14,400.0033
* Teach marksmanship principles at less cost than full bore ammunition
Kalashnikov AK47 12916 Premium AEG Blowback Airsoft Rifle x 4: R 28,400.00
* Teach team shooting on move before moving to live ammunition
Level IIIA High cut FAST Ballistic Helmet (2 x S, 3 x M, 1 x L) x 6: R 18,000.00
* For live fire manoeuvre shooting
MOLLE Tactical Ballistic Vest, Level III, (2 x S, 2 x M, 1 x L, 1 x XL) x 6: R 41,040.00
* For live fire manoeuvre shooting
AK Quick Magazine loader, NCSTAR AAKLA x 3: R 2,295.00
* Assist rapid reloading of AK magazines
AK Stripper Clips, NCSTAR AAKC x 2: R 1,170.00
* Assist rapid reloading of AK magazines
AK front Sight Adjustment tool, NCSTAR TAK x 2: R 400.00
* Zero rifles for accurate shooting
AK Laser Boresight, NC STAR 7.62 LASER BORESIGHTER: R 285.00
* Zero rifles for accurate shooting
Cardboard Figure targets x 100: R 500.00
* For marksmanship shooting
Range fittings and target construction materials: R 10,000.00
* Build ranges and construct targets.
Coal Rapid Action 4.5 mm air rifle pellets x 5000: R 1,850.00
* For marksmanship shooting
Bioval 0.25 gram Biodegradable airsoft BBs x 12 000: R 945.00
* For airsoft rifles for tactical fire and manoeuvre training
12 gram CO2 cartridges x 500: R 4,500.00
* For operation/activation of the AK47 airsoft rifles
Shotgun ammunition, 12 Gauge No7 Shot x 2000 rounds (R4.40 each): R 8,800.00
* Smaller shot size for training (cheaper and less target damage)
Shotgun ammunition, 12 Gauge SG (Buckshot) x 500 rds (R8.00 each): R 4,000.00
* Operational ammunition calibres for training purposes
Shotgun ammunition, 12 Gauge Solids x 200 rds (R6.50 each): R 2,600.00
* Operational ammunition calibres for training purposes
7.62 x 39 mm ammo (R35.50 each) x 3000: R 106,500.00
* Operational ammunition to be used for confirmation of marksmanship and live fire manoeuvre


As you can see and appreciate – the costs to provide such services is significant. Our team, our RhinoWarriors and our Scouts and most importantly those we protect would be greatly appreciative of your generous assistance to help us fight those that cant protect themselves.